Visual Design

Raised by artists, I was exposed to the beauty in the design of the natural world around us. The Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Sequence, and fractals, my father taught me the existence of a method or formula to the seemingly irregular randomness. I am the son, grandson, and nephew of typesetters so it's been interesting sharing the digital progression of the type trade over a meal.

Web Development

With almost two decades of web development experience, I've had the pleasure (and the pain), of experiencing the evolution of HTML, PHP, XML, JSON, CSS, SCSS, Sass, LESS, and JS. While the majority of my development experience is front-end, I can work my way around the backend as well. Wait, that didn't come out right.

UI/UX Design

Psychology has long been a favorite subject of mine. Why we like what we like, why we do what we do, we have less control over this than we're comfortable believing. But knowing this has helped me tremendously, as I attempt to design and build things for others. Creative thinking and problem solving is my jam. If you like "outside of the box" thinking, you'll like me, and I'll like you.


Naturally drawn to it, Photoshop was one of the first programs I picked up. I had fun with it first, photoshopping my friends faces into awkward scenarios. But soon I was learning how to mask, use blend modes, touch up photos, and overuse grunge effects. 20+ years later, I'm still using Photoshop, on a daily basis.

SEO, Analytics, & Growth Hacking

A scientist at heart, my love for data drives my passion for analytics, SEO, and most recently growth hacking. My good days involve multivariate testing. I need help. I know.

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