Starting as the #2 hire for Chideo, I was brought on to assist Todd Wagner in realizing his dream of democratizing online fundraising. My role initially was a hybrid of design and development, as Technology Manager/Purple Squirrel, providing guidance for technological decision making, in collaboration with the VP of Technology, CTO, COO, and CEO. With a background in design, I was also relied upon for design decisions, as I worked closely with Indianapolis startup incubator DeveloperTown and Dallas-based iOS and Android app developers Bottle Rocket, overseeing the UI and UX for the first versions of the Chideo product (desktop, iOS, and Android apps).

As we built out the technology team, my role expanded into Creative Director, where I continued to oversee the design for both the Chideo product and branding, while also developing a platform for quickly turning around WordPress websites for our partners and clients.

With the acquisition of Prizeo and Charitybuzz, and then the formation of the umbrella parent company the Charity Network, I continued to lead the UI and UX design through three iterations of the product, as well as marketing and social media collaterals.

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