MpowerMe is an IT staffing company built by and around experienced individuals in the IT field. I was brought on to redesign the company’s online presence, shape the new brand, establish an initial SEO strategy, and develop the new website.

This process began with a meeting and discovery session, working closely with the founders of the company to outline the project requirements, identify target users, core user stories, site and business goals, and key competition. Once I was up to speed on the business, requirements and goals, I began researching competitors and both local and national SEO opportunities.

With the business and industry knowledge fresh on my mind, I launched Photoshop and Illustrator and began exploring brand refresh options, color palettes, and typography. With these key design elements, I designed a mood board to help me fine tune my understanding of needs of the business and preferences of the client.

Once signoff was received on the mood board, I began designing the new MpowerMe website. With the early investment of thorough discovery and design exercises, achieving sign off on the initial site designs was a breeze. Currently I am in the final stages of developing the site, using WordPress’ top of class UI and I expect to push the site live in a matter of days. The next steps will involve configuring measurable goals within Google Analytics, to ensure that future changes we make are based on data and not hunches.

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